University Prep Academy is a unique school not only in how it educates students, but also in how it is set up.

The Grand Rapids University Prep Association was pleased to launch this unique school with a private/public partnership with Grand Rapids Public Schools in 2008. University Prep Academy is a GRPS school. The principal, teachers and other school staff are GRPS employees. And our children are students of GRPS. 

The school has a separate board of directors helping to oversee the day-to-day operations along with the Superintendent and the GRPS Board of Education. This combined effort ensures that the school stays innovative and on track for achieving established goals such as graduating at least 90% of all students and sending at least 90% of those graduates onto college or other post-secondary educational opportunities.

The Association's Board of Directors is committed to improving the graduation rates for the students in our city and closing the educational gap between urban youth and their suburban counterparts.

We know that we can prepare all of our students for a better future, but we can't, and don't, do this alone. The Association is fortunate to have many individuals in the community who also believe in education and closing that gap between urban students and their suburban counterparts.

If you or your company/organization are interested in learning more about the Association or the school and how you may be able to help, please contact us.

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