University Prep Academy is a tuition-free college preparatory school for students serious about turning their aspirations into realizations. We take students wherever they are academically and over the course of their time with us, get them to where they need to be -- and want to be -- in order to achieve their dream of attending college.

We so believe in our school and our model that we base our success on a goal we call 90/90:

  • A minimum of 90% of all students will graduate from high school
  • A minimum of 90% of those graduates will go onto college or other post-secondary educational opportunities

So, how do we do this?

We learn from other successful models and we take what works for them and adjust if for us.

Some key aspects to our model include the classroom design which is broken into advisories instead of traditional classrooms that change annually. An advisory is comprised of 17-23 students who stay together and with their advisor/teacher for multiple years. University Prep Academy uses this advisory model because we believe it builds powerful relationships between the students and their advisors, as well as the families and the advisors. This model is designed to promote a sense of safety, nurturing, and support through the development of long-term relationships.

Another core aspect is the quarterly student exhibitions which replaces traditional parent/teacher conferences. An exhibition is a time for each student to showcase what he or she has learned during the last quarter. Students present their work to their classmates, advisor and parents. Afterward the advisor, student and family meet. Successes are celebrated, areas still needing work are identified, and new goals are set.

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