This is my 4th year of teaching at University Prep. Academy as a resource teacher. I have

been working in education in some capacity for more than 30 years, whether it be as elementary

classroom teacher, music teacher and choir director, tutor, or more recently, resource teacher

in high school, elementary, and middle school. One of my greatest joys in teaching come when I

am able to guide students to understanding of concepts with which they previously struggled and

help them to reach their fullest potential. I am married to a GRPS school social worker and have

three children. I am a passionate knitter and also enjoy bike riding, reading, singing, and walking

my dog.

This Week: 2011-2012 School Year
     As the middle school resource teacher at Uprep I provide services for 6-8 grade students

in the areas of math, reading, and writing.  I have a caseload of students certified with learning

disabilities in one or more of those areas.  My day consists of working with teachers of those

students to best meet their needs, and help provide accommodations so each student can reach

his or her greatest potential.  Most often I push into the classroom to co-teach with the teacher or

pull a student or group of students for academic intervention for a specific learning need. 


Barb Vis
Resource Teacher
Phone Number: 819-5969
Email: visb@grps.k12.mi.us

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