TEEN CEO Internships

Internships play a critical role in the school model at University Prep Academy. Our students begin preparing for their high school internship opportunities in middle school when they participate in a job shadowing experience.

Once in high school, we encourage our students to build on their interests and intern at places that put their passions to work!  They are allowed time during the school day to pursue these internships, and are encouraged to try many different internship experiences throughout their high school career.   We believe this provides an excellent and concrete correlation between their education and their growing career aspirations. Additionally, it provides a venue to introduce them to jobs and careers that previously may have been unknown to them.  

Internships are multiple weeks in length and occur in the spring. Students are grouped based on interests and skills. Career and industry pods are developed and overseen by an advisor/teacher. Each career group will visit and engage with different businesses, industries and organizations in that field to provide a well-rounded experience. The internships will culminate in a group (by career interest) or individual project.

We are seeking interested companies and organizations to join us in becoming part of this unique, rewarding experience. Please see the list of others who have participated over the years by clicking here to view our TEEN CEO Partners page on our website.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of hosting a group for part of one day this spring, please contact the school at 819-1010 or fill out the form on the "Get Involved" home page.

Thank you in advance for considering helping our students to discover and explore new careers!

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