Here are some quick facts about the school. If you have any questions about University Prep Academy, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome your questions and look forward to helping you make an informed decision about your child's future.

  1. Is University Prep Academy a GRPS school or a charter? University Prep Academy is a GRPS school with a unique public-private partnership between GRPS and the community.
  2. Are PE, music, band, electives, etc. offered?  University Prep Academy offers a number of electives for students. The school aslo actively partners with other organizations to offer a deeper breadth and depth of classes, including working with the downtown YMCA, and collaborates with other GRPS schools as well.
  3. What is the length of the school year? University Prep Academy follows the district's traditional school year calendar, starting school after Labor Day and ending in June.  
  4. Is transportation offered to the school?   Transportation is not offered through the school. The school is on a bus line. Some parents have organized car-pooling, but this is managed by them, not the school.
  5. Are there any after-school programs? There are a number of after-school programs offered. Students are encouraged to propose additional options as well that are then considered by the staff.
  6. Is there a school uniform? The school “uniform” is essentially what the larger community calls “business casual” – khaki colored casual/dress pants, skirt or dress,  paired shirt purchased through the school with the school name on it, and loafers or dress shoes, preferred but any shoes are acceptable except open-toe sandals and flip flops. School colors are khaki, navy and white.  
  7. Is lunch provided like at other GRPS schools? University Prep Academy offers school lunch like other GRPS schools. There are no soda machines at the school. All students participate in the free breakfast and lunch program.
  8. Are sports offered? University Prep Academy offers sports opportunities both alone and through collaborations with other GRPS schools. If your child is interested in a sport not offered a University Prep Academy, he or she has the option to participate through their attendance-area school as long as it does not interfere with the school day.  
  9. How many students attend University Prep Academy?  The school has a capacity for 72 students per grade  for a maximum of 504 students in 6th-12th grades.
  10. When do students take part in the internship program and do all students participate in the same internships? The Internship program officially begins when a student enters high school. Staff will work closely with each student to match his or her interest with internship opportunities. Internships are offered in 9th and 10th grades. In 11th and 12th grades, students are encouraged to participate in the Kent ISD career programs, as well as dual-enrollment with area colleges.  In the middle school, students begin their career exploration process through trips to local businesses/organizations via a Job Shadow (8th grade) and professionals who visit the classroom in Reverse Job Shadows (6th + 7th grade).
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