Lottery Process

The lottery is one way to ensure that every child who wishes to attend University Prep Academy is given an equal and fair chance to be accepted.

Once a student submits an application to GRPS, his or her name is entered into a database. On the day of the lottery, the computer randomly selects students in a numerical sequence from 1 to however many have applied (e.g. 1 - 135.) The first 70 students randomly chosen are accepted to the school. The remaining students (71 - the last student) are then placed on the waiting list. Once the lottery is completed, all students who applied receive either a letter of acceptance or a letter telling them where they are on the waiting list.

University Prep Academy then hosts a series of Open Houses for parents of newly accepted students or parents with students on the waiting list to come and learn more about the school and ask questions. We want to make sure that both parents and students understand our model long before the first day of school to ensure that it is a good fit for everyone.

Please note: We are often able to accommodate and accept many students on the waiting list, so parents should not be discouraged by this.

Please note also: University Prep Academy gives preference to siblings who apply at the same time and/or siblings of current students at University Prep Academy. To learn more about sibling preferences, please click here.

Lottery Process Summarized:

  1. Parents/Student decide they want to attend University Prep Academy
  2. Parents/Student submit an application to GRPS by the deadline (typically in February)
  3. If student is outside GRPS district, a School of Choice form must also be filled out
  4. Letters of acceptance and wait list letters sent out in the spring
  5. Open Houses scheduled in the spring
  6. Parents confirm they accept placement at University Prep Academy by returning an acceptance form to GRPS (Please NOTE: placement is not final until this form is returned)
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